1. Acceptances 接受信函 
Accept an informal invitation to a social event.

Dear [Recruiter Name],
It is a great pleasure for us that we have been invited to the graduation ceremony of your son. We shall be elated to be a part of this memorable occasion and will join you at the campus on April 11th at five o'clock.

  Being such close friends to you has always enabled us to be a close part of all that Bill has achieved till now and we are happy for that. We eagerly look towards being with you through the events of the day.
Again, thank you.

  Sincerely, [sign your name ]
[type your name ]

2. Acknowledgments 确认信函 
Confirm an appointment, meeting, or interview.
3. Advice 建议信函 
Asking or Requesting For Personal Counseling, Guidance, an Opinion or Advice.
4. Announcements 通告信函
5. Apology 道歉信函
6. Applications 申请信函
7. Appointments 预约信函
8. Appreciation 感谢信函
9. Approvals 赞同信函 
10. Authorizations 授权信函 
11. Cancellations 取消信函 
12. Claims 声明信函 
13. Collections 收款信函 
14. Complaints 抱怨信函 
15. Compliments 表扬信函 
16. Condolences 慰问信函/吊唁信函 
17. Confirmations 确认信函 
18. Congratulations 祝贺信件 
19. Cover Letters 附函信件 
20. Credit 信誉卡信函 
21. Delegation 授权信函 
22. Directives 指示信函 
23. Disagreements 异议信函 
24. Discipline 纪律执行信函 
25. Discipline 纪律执行信函 
26. Encouragement 鼓励信函 
27. Endorsements 确认信函 
28. Errors 认错信函 
29. Farewells 离开信函 
30. Follow-Up 后续信函 
31. Fundraising 集资信函 
32. Get-Well 康复信函 
33. Gifts 礼物函件 
34. Goodwill 亲善信函 
35. Government 政府信函 
36. Holidays 节日信函 
37. Inform/Notify 通知信函 
38. Inquiries 请求信函 
39. Introductions 介绍信函 
40. Invitations 邀请信函 
41. Job Offers 工作信函 
42. Love 爱心信函 
43. Orders 命令信函 
44. Persuasion 说服信函 
45. Recommendations 建议信函 
46. References 推荐信函 
47. Referrals 安排信函 
48. Refusals 拒绝信函 
49. Reprimands 谴责信函 
50. Requests 要求信函 
51. Reservations 预定信函 
52. Resignations 辞职信函 
53. Responses 回应信函 
54. Sales 销售信函 
55. Social Events 社交信函 
56. Suggestions 建议信函 
57. Sympathy 同情信函 
58. Terminations 结束聘用通知 
59. Thank You 感谢信 
60. Transmittals 送达信 
61. Welcome 欢迎信 
62. Cover letter of Job Application 工作申请信函